Board and Staff

Members of the Management Committee Board

    • Jasbir Mann, President 
    • Dr. Bernadette Wright, Vice President 
    • Ruth Lopez, Secretary
    • John Cooke, Treasurer 
    • Annie Abraham, Member 
    • Suresh Rajan, Member 
    • Christian FitzGerald, Member 
    • Khadra A Jama Alol, Member 
    • Melissa Del Borrello, Member
    • Wendy Rose, in-Attendance
  • Our Staff

  • Wendy Rose, Chief Executive Officer

    Jeyanti Segaran, Finance and Office Manager

    Rosita D'Adamo, Development Manager

  • Siyat Abdi, Systemic Advocate

    Halina Krapez, Advocacy Officer

    Beatriz Andrew, Advocacy Officer

    Wil Nayar, Senior Regional Advocacy Officer

    Cheryl Ozies, Regional Advocacy Officer, Kimberley

  • Sandra Collard, Regional Advocacy Officer, Newman
  • Christine Grace, Advocacy Officer

  • Wayne Press, Team Leader and Advocacy Officer                           

  • Suresh Rajan, Radio Co-ordinator

    Veronica FitzGerald, Administrative Officer  

  • Lily Ong, Bookkeeper

EDAC Organisational Structure

EDAC Organisation Chart 

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