Mental Health Support

The Mental Health Act 1996 was designed to provide for the care, treatment, and protection of persons who have mental illnesses. According to The Act, a person who has a “mental illness” is one who

“...suffers from a disturbance of thought, mood, volition, perception, orientation or memory that impairs judgment or behavior to a significant extent.”

Some examples of a mental illness are depression, schizophrenia and bi polar disorder.

How can EDAC help one who suffers from a mental illness?

EDAC can help by providing information regarding services, community support groups and government agencies/policies and also liaising with these agencies. The assistance EDAC provides is for individuals and/or their carers and is:


An advocacy officer can help in resolving problems and grievances eg by attending meetings with the person and/or their carer and speaking on their behalf. The advocacy officer will also treat each person individually and with cultural sensitivity.


EDAC can assist in referrals to other services.


EDAC facilitates a variety of support and social/recreational activities for people or their carers of mental illnesses to encourage and assist one to participate in community.


EDAC can help by organizing an interpreter for any of the above services.

Engage our services

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All EDAC clients are treated with respect and dignity. Any information collected on your behalf is kept in the strictest confidence.

Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission website has information on Mental health and mental illness and also includes some personal stories, information about support and self-help groups. It also provides information on support and treatment services and support.

Visit the Mental Health Commission website

Other Agencies

Below are some of the agencies which EDAC Advocacy Officers frequently use:

Mental Health Law Centre

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Visit the Mental Health Law Centre website


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Visit the ARAFMI website


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Visit the RUAH website


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Visit the ISHAR website


EDAC would like to acknowledge and thank the Mental Health Council of Australia for the funding to provide professional development for staff on mental health and also enable us to complete this web page.

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